Project Description

JPC International Tax Advisors contacted us when the business cards they created in a business document application would not print properly at a professional level printer. It was important to them that their corporate colors were reproduced accurately, so the printer recommended they contact us to get proper files created. During our initial discussions, we talked about file types, spot vs. process color, and how a reference standard was required to make color adjustments in a process of color matching to replicate what they achieved in-house. They were also working with RGB jpeg graphic elements that would not reproduce well, etc., and wanted to end up with professional vector artwork that could be used for signage.

We started by updating their in-house design to a more modern, global look in vector format and then created several variations on the CMYK build of their corporate blue color. This then went to the printer for a test run and the perfect mix was identified. After applying the new blue ink spec to the logo we created business cards and letterhead to match. JPC Tax Advisors received a complete digital package of vector and web files of their new logo and layout files.