Project Description

The Friends of Gulf Gate Library had been working with various freelance graphic artists to produce their quarterly newsletter and contacted us when their most recent designer moved on. At the same time, they had just completed an award-winning remodel of the library, so we felt it was important to reflect the new look in the newsletter and give the entire piece an overhaul to harmonize. The new building is architecturally rich and modern, with fun and inviting interior spaces for book lovers of all ages, so naturally we looked for distinctive features that might translate into page elements. The roof lines, as they appear in the featured exterior elevation photograph at twilight, stood out and became the perfect signature shape to form a masthead to shelter the newly designed front page.

Beyond simply being a beautiful building, the Gulf Gate Library is a busy place with a full calendar of events and activities that needed to be announced and chronicled in the newsletter pages. The Friends’ newsletter is designed as a 12-page self-mailer and we produce the layout and supply production ready PDF files to their printer, as well as an mailable version for sharing and publishing on the Friend’s website at