Project Description

Catania’s Winery produces wines and other products in Englewood, Florida, and is also an importer of fine olive oils from Italy and Spain. Like many small businesses, their brand assets need to be updated along the way, as what worked in the beginning is no longer in keeping with their image or production requirements. In the case of Catania’s Olive Oil labels, for instance, they needed to have vector artwork so that label production could be more exacting – their existing label art was a paper print and not of good resolution besides.

Our approach to logos is always that they need to stand up as simple black & white line art; things can get fancy beyond that, but if it won’t produce well in the simplest form it will be difficult to use in every application. Tweed Marketing redesigned the new Catania’s Olive Oil brand in Illustrator as one-color vector art, which will be produced as one spot color on gold foil. This production specification would not have been possible using the existing artwork.